The Vainglorious World

Translated  by Katrina Hassan

We live in a vainglorious world. A world where we praise the sleazy, the backstabbers, the unscrupulous and those that step all over people to achieve their goals. In a world of farce, where the only reality is a joke, we create a place that is fed by our actions and passiveness. This depending on what is convenient and whether  or not the winds blow into our bubble of indifference and egoism.

In this world there is no respect for others and any living creatures. We are societies of disposable individuals and cowards. Individuals that have lost all integrity, or have sold it in exchange for something fleeting. Something that lasts the same as a kick in the ass. We are made of self destruction. 

As humanity that seems to have a main goal to disappear, and to take everything that is along the way with it. Even what is not theirs to take, what they have appropriated without shame. Humanity that thinks that they are self sufficient and owner of all. Worse than that they think they are the master!

Under this premise many of us go about life thinking the world owes us an homage the ground we walk on must be worshipped. You must give us what we deserve and be humiliated in the process. You need to look up at us, at that height that with a little breeze you might fall the cherry tree and land on your ass.

We think naively that a last name makes us, or a university degree, a job or the brand of clothes we wear or our cologne. When in reality what really makes or creates us into human beings is or capacity to feel the pain of others. To be able to see with the eyes of others. To walk in the steps of others. Our actions against injustice, derision, disloyalty, and oppression make us human. Our actions against a few greedy ones that think they are masters left over from the era of La Patria del Criollo, stepping all over thousands.

We think of ourselves as evolutionized beings, when in fact we are in constant regression and at a loss, on propose. We think that by hurting others we will be saved. That the pain of others will never touch us. We think that we will never have the thirst of others. We think that our disloyalties, betrayals and egoism will be enough for us never to fall into that abyss we fear most.  Poverty and misery. That to which we have subjected on to thousands.

As humanity, we sit on the ass of the abyss. If we do not have the capacity to react and think collectively, giving our existence some content, and unifying criteria, propositions and actions; we will definitely end up auto destroying ourselves. There will not be any university degrees, important job titles or insignias that will save us.

It is common to see the faults in others, and we cowardly hide from our own. We should probably try to begin with the simple exercise of looking at ourselves in the mirror and talking to our individual and collective memory about humanity that believes itself to be auto sufficient but cannot even breathe for ourselves.

I hope that one day we learn to see ourselves without vestments and learn about our fragility and inconsistency.  Hopefully, it is not to late to stop this step with no return. We have started on our way to the world of conceitedness.

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Ilka Oliva Corado. @ilkaolivacorado

14 de mayo de 2019.

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