Amnesic Generations

Translated  by Marvin Najarro 
What is taking place in Latin America right now should be of vital importance for the amnesic generations, in other words, all those people under forty.
Anyone born during the dictatorships, or later, has been injected with the gene of ignorance and collective amnesia. We belong to the generation of denial. We are the product of a plan based on that aim: to create defeated generations, unfit, inept, egotistical, consumerist and impervious; wimps in the full extent of the word.
We have been distracted with the crass because of our inability to think, of asking ourselves, have second thoughts, and carefully scrutinize definitions and concepts systematically imposed upon us. Unable to formulate our own opinions and even worse, incapables to debate, and totally apathetic as to take action. For a crippling, patriarchal, misogynist capitalist system, we are the perfect generation, crushed by it on a daily basis, because of our incapacity to raise our heads. We were born with our head down afraid to stand up, raise our voices and shake off the torpor so to become subjects of change.

Generations that deny their roots, their origin, who are willing to stab in the back; who dream with belonging to another place; who dream with which capitalism told them life is: amass material things even if you get indebted, keep up appearances, step on anybody else as long as you can get to the top, because what is important is to be in the public eye, and not the human essence and solidarity. Because what it counts is to get whatever you can with money, betrayals and power.
Can these defeated generations be resuscitated? Yes. Against all odds, they can be. The human being has the capacity to redeem himself, of changing his way as many times as he wishes, or to start again as many times as necessary.
In order for these generations to find their way it is necessary for the grownups to take the lead, to light the wick, assume the challenge to speak about the other truth; the one hidden by the system of impunity, and which has been used to keep this generations lethargic and ignorant. This will lead them to find their own way, but they will need someone who stirs them up. Someone who tell them where they are, and why. By being aware of this they themselves will search for their place in history.
These generations need to know that they have been blindfolded, that the truth has been forbidden to them, and that they are the result of a structural product suitable to oligarchic and imperialist interests colluded against a struggling Latin America.
It is the obligation of the amnesic generations to be thirsty, to feed on questions and doubts, and to make their own analysis. It is their obligation to seek information, to keep going in spite of the weariness and not to give up, until the patriarchal, classist, racist, misogynist, homophobic and colonial structure that they have imposed upon us, breaks down. Until we become aware and have the ability to observe and perceive with our senses the injustice of a system that oppresses us, and do something to eradicate it!
On other hand it is useless to be aware if we do nothing to change that which has turned us into consumerist individuals who hate each other, and are ashamed of our origins. Denying our ancestral heritage and dreaming with belonging to another place; shielding the one who disrespect, beat, torture, kill and disappear us.
The amnesic generations are redeemable. If they understand that they have been excluded, and can be prodded on, they will be capable of finding the way toward the freedom of the peoples.
Now the questions are: Who wants to be the catalyst even if tired or demoralized by the many battles fought? Who wants to lead the way to freedom knowing full well what is at stake?
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