The Traditional Family as an Imposition

Translated by Marvin Najarro 
Since the beginning the patriarchal system has imposed upon us the way we should walk or sit, everything regarding the role of gender, not to mention behaviors since they come in categories according to stereotypes and prejudices; by upbringing patterns or because we as grownups chose to register them to our own convenience.
In this life there is nothing more damaging than the sexist and misogynist patriarchal pattern which has been exacted upon us as a society. Potential mother, proclaim the Mother’s Day greetings to women who do not have children, as if all women, by the simple fact of their gender, should become mothers no matter what. When it is known that a single woman had sex before marriage, they say, that woman is of ill repute, not worthy. And the man? He’s a big shot -the more women he has on his list. But here there is a detail, what about the man who is different from the average? Surely he is a fagot, a queer, a pretty boy, and an endless number of epithets which are regarded as normal in a society which has made of disrespect, insult and violence a way of life.

It is said that the divorced woman wants to be fucked; the same with the single mom, who for being a whore have a bun in the oven. And with our clumsy stereotypes we keep cataloging these women; we devalue them as human beings, and by their gender. They are no longer respectable, as others who do comply with the guidelines of the patriarchal patterns, either for their own convinience or for fear: for fear we avoid to speak about the shocking, as when they are being savaged so that they feign in a society that lives in a bubble. Many of them end up missing or killed.
What happens to the different children? Look, your son is a fag, get him straight. Look, your daughter is a dike, a good fuck is what she needs, to taste a cock is what she needs. And so, as a consequence, «corrective» sexual rapes, beatings and murders, feminicides and transgendercides happen. Because, we were taught to reject, and to be afraid of everything that is different and free, to everything that breaks with the norm; from our birth they caged us in a patriarchal system that cripple us day by day.
It is disgusting, these people must die, they must be burned alive. They are the evil incarnate. What else do the good children of God say? What else do those who staunchly defend the traditional family say? They say that it is edifying, and it has values. Do not different people have them? What values, double standards, prudery, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, lesbophobia, biphobia? What values do these holy children of patriarchy speak about? Who says that a different person is not honest, learned, and human?
And what do these holy children of the patriarchy say about men who impregnate women and beat them up badly so they can abort, but who in public boast and swear to be against abortion? Or worse yet, women ignore this abuse when it is done to another -when they end up being killed. What do these examples of good manners say about the man who rapes? Of the males who murder homosexuals, and transsexuals? What does society think about the right to love, to exist, to being different, and of diversity?
What is a traditional family? What are the values of these falsehoods that keep up appearances? Why does a woman have to marry in white and veiled? Why can he get a bachelor party with sex workers and not her? So many questions, so many broken wings, so many truncated lives by the follies of a system, and a way of life that was imposed upon us.
Speeches that have never stopped appearing in election time, we observe them throughout the world, a candidate prone to neoliberalism and capitalism will always manage this kind of statements of the conservative class. And with these speeches they succeed in having in their pocket a good part of society which for sanctimonious, and in the name of good faith, it is left praying to the heavenly Father while the orators take the wads of cash to banks abroad. Because what more beneficial for the capitalist system than a submissive, macho, homophobic and patriarchal people.
There’s so much hate on this earth, so much violence, so much double standards, so many prejudices and so much hypocrisy. The traditional family does not exist, the family in itself does not exist, it is also a construction of society, an imposition like many others. One can be a kin to a forest, a river, a herd of goats or felines.
When are we going to stop clipping wings, and damaging for life those who dared to do what for lack of courage we would never do? And with respect to gender decency, all women are whores, some more active than others, that’s all.
When are we going to learn, and when will we have the guts to disobey and fight for our freedom as a species? When are we going to accept that there is nothing more wonderful in this universe than our diversity?
And you dear reader, tell me whether your family is a traditional one, or as the classists -children of the most holy patriarchy and the blessed church- say, dysfunctional?
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Ilka Oliva Corado @ilkaolivacorado

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