The Palestinian Genocide is Right Under our Nose

Translated  by Katrina Hassan

In Latina America, information and news from dictatorships is hard to come by thanks to technical limitations and repression. In the past, this information had to be extracted by foreign journalists. They had to jump over many hoops to do so. This is why so much was left in silence and the forgotten.

In terms of technology, times have changed. The population can make use of their telephones. They can reproduce, in real time, what really happens in their countries in a matter a seconds. People sharing information gain time on the media as it wastes time carefully styling the information in order to manipulate society. Nothing ever happens. Meanwhile the world keeps quiet and looking the other way. It is not about not having enough information. The world sees the information and they choose to be just as guilty by not doing anything about it. They’re as guilty as those who give orders to massacre and those who actually carry out the order. Silence enables them, as does passivity. Not getting involved involves endorsing oppression. Not saying anything says that one is in favor of genocide. This is Palestine’s genocide.

The Palestinian genocide has been happening for decades and the atrocities have been unable to reach even the deepest part of our being. The images are disheartening. Stolen land, destruction of schools, hospitals and homes. Constant genocide. What more do we need in order to react? How is it possible that we let this happen and nothing has been said? What if this was us? Not counting social standing, can you imagine someone coming to destroy your home, land, and your schools? Can you imagine your child’s school being bombarded? There is nowhere to hide. Would we cry out to the world for help? Would you fight back like the Palestinian people do? Would you demand that the world to say something? 

There are ideologies that are not in favour of the State and their politics, but these are debatable with ideas and proposals, not massacres. Food should not be stolen from the population and their hospitals shouldn’t be destroyed. This should not be imposed upon the people. No country should impose themselves on to another. No human should do that to another either. Not one!

What we see in Palestine is that their land is being stolen. There are kidnappings happening and people going to prison for decades just for speaking up. Those that raise their voices pay the price with massive murders and the destruction of their entire communities. A country that has been taken over by corrupt and genocidal beings endorses the abuse. At the end of the day they are criminal gangs without a nationality that have only one end. To get rich off the backs of the people. Why doesn’t anyone ever say anything about it? Is it religion? Is it the words of the Bible? Bibles written for men to oppress the people and women. Where is our logical reasoning? If the Bible said God’s law was to destroy peoples homes, rape our daughters, and kill us, would we stay  quiet about it too like we do with Palestine?

The media says that Muslims are rapists and murderers because of their religion. What they don’t tell you is that the real criminals are being covered up, praised and treated as great humanitarians and contributors to society. Even though we know that is a lie, it is much easier to take the same direction as others. The easy way has more shade and comfort. It is much easier to not make use of our own voice and logical reasoning. It is easier to be on the side of the imposters. We do not dare say that something is wrong or unjust. We are scared of losing our connections. We won’t get invited to parties. We will lose out on business deals and jobs. Future prospects will be lost in one fell swoop. What is dignity without money? For most , it is better to have money than dignity. What Palestine is living now is an imposition and the Israelis endorse the robbery and genocide because it benefits them. They did not speak up when their government committed these atrocities to the neighbouring country. This has nothing to do with religion, the Holocaust or historic memory. Genocide is being committed by a gang of criminals without a nationality. Their only goal is to get rich and show their superiority to the world. This stupid, shitty and manipulated world.

This Palestinian genocide is happening right under our noses. We shut our door at the cries for help from the people who have the guts to resist. We do talk about the Armenian genocide but the Palestinian one is allowed by us, we are great cowards.

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Ilka Oliva Corado @ilkaolivacorado

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