Change Must Start From The Root

Translated  by Katrina Hassan

The most vulnerable are always the ones that pay the price. This pandemic give us a chance for us to open our eyes and take notice of how many stabs in the back the neoliberal governments of our countries are giving us. Saving the oligarchies has always been the goal, as well as bleeding the state dry. I mean, the money of our people. Nothing is solved by praying, only science plus human resources and material that should be at our disposal for society at this moment. Any leader telling their people to trust in God to save us, besides being a cretin and playing with people’s lives, is making fun of the natural intelligence of all human beings.

In Latin America, we have many of these grotesque, horrific, shameless traitors. They are loud and they are jerks. They’re jerks because they see the people in need and turn their backs on them in order to make themselves available to corruption and mafias. This pandemic will take with it a lot of the lower layers of society. The rich never lose in this game. Those lower layers should never forget and step up when this happens again. We should have change from the bottom, from the roots. This badness should be weeded out from the roots. Derision, looting, racism, impunity, homophobia, machismo and poverty, should no longer spread. It is spread by Latin American governments. 

The people that make up The Great Homeland have the necessary strength to root out the badness. All that is needed is to make a decision, get courage, use the ire of exploitation, humiliations, derision and indignation to rise up in rebellion. There is talk of a new world order. Let that new order be organised by the people of Latina America and not the oligarchies. Enough of the lowered gaze and enough shouldering all the weight. The eradication of neoliberalism should be a triumph in the face of all the abuse suffered at the hand of these giant mafias.

It is time for the people to take back the power, to direct their own path, to own their own lands and products of the land. 

There will not be a more extraordinary opportunity than this one. It is time to conserve energy. Those that cannot stay home in quarantine will starve if they don’t go out to work. They need to go find the day to day bread because no government will ever answer for them. We must save energy for those that break their backs baking, sowing fruit and vegetables, picking said produce, transporting and selling food so that  markets will not run out. This is all for the people, so we have food to eat. Now, we applaud the effort of the doctors that are helping us, their sacrifice gives us a tiny idea of how a labourer’s back feels like when he works the earth. If you clap for the doctors, you should be kissing the labourer’s feet and hands then. Not just that, when the change from the root comes, their efforts must be paid accordingly and should not be exploited anymore. The same should go for the cleaning ladies that the upper class did not let to take time off. The middle class and the upper class could not do quarantine without them. God forbid they have to wash their own dishes and pick up the dog’s poop!

Of course we have a mission after all of this, a new world. That new world with new laws and constitutions, human rights, labour rights and benefits for the essential workers. Time has revealed that the people have long been herded like animals for centuries. There is much to change and to do, like build schools, hospitals, health clinics, universities. 

The military should be eliminated and recreational centers should be made. The new world order should not be made by them. 

The people should be in charge. The people should organise, only like this, with a cultural revolution, will it be possible. There is much to do. Minerals are being taken from Latin Americans in exchange for a few cents. The minerals should stay in Latin America. The free market works only for the oligarchs. The people need another model of development. The model of unity, solidarity and humanity. 

We need to save energy because we need to make brothels and bars disappear, so no girl, teen or woman should ever be exploited sexually.

There is an urgent need for the right to have an abortion, free and legal, so that no woman will ever go to jail for making decisions over her own body or die trying thanks to poverty. The moneyed ones can do so thanks to their privileged class. The guidelines of Latin America should be adjusted and this is the job of the working class. There is not a dandy out there that knows the feeling of a burnt face. Burned by 12 or 14 hours of working under the sun, carrying blocks, splintered hands, shining shoes, carrying loads, working the earth. They wouldn’t know what it feels like not to see the light of day from working in a factory. 

There is still a lot to do when this passes. Now, everyone is gagging with so much agreement signing, selling lands left and right, looting of the state. The people’s time will come. They will have to go out to find it, armed with courage, despite the fear, and with love. Love that only the people that know the cost of earning their bread with the sweat on their brows know. Earned with sweat and being humiliated night and day. This is why we need a change from the root.

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Ilka Oliva Corado @ilkaolivacorado

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