Why is Neoliberalism Advancing in Latin America?

Translated  by Marvin Najarro 
By the natural self-destruction gene that we as humanity have. Our own ego, the «yoismo,» (egoism) as they call it in psychology; grab as much as possible regardless of the other being left with nothing.
Starting from this gene we can break down the different aspects that lead us to try to analyze the collective behavior of our societies in the face of neoliberal policy that drags us.

Neoliberalism that has always been present, because it is patriarchal and we are patriarchal societies, therefore the results are of dominance, hatred, dispossession and manipulation. Patriarchy is not only misogynist, it is also racist and classist; terribly homophobic. In terms of generations patriarchy has been the imposition of the colonized mind for more than 500 years, an evil that has become genetic of our vilified America which thanks to this mass idiotization, the results are excruciating for the people and pleasant for the rogues.
Neoliberalism that in the name of faith and religion divides us between saints and demons. Anybody who is different and dares to think for himself is a bastard and must be punished for his insolence. The punishment is to take away his rights, to exclude or to disappear him if his existence becomes troublesome to the looting schemes of the oligarchic mafias. As a result: the dictatorships and the thousands of dead and disappeared on the continent.
The saints are those who go with the current, who, because of laziness or comfort, don’t dare to think or question aloud a system that screw them up too, since it robotizes and coerces them in a thousand ways; into a kind of systemic and naturalized violence. A type of violence that is constantly renewed because it is strategic and seeks to keep the masses lethargic, that’s the reason for the existence of consumerism, religions, the corporatization of the media and the education system.
The advance of neoliberalism stems from the fact that we are insensitive, dehumanized, hypocritical, and disloyal societies. Societies that would rather choose the eternal dream of living off appearances rather than awakening and being forced to act, because taking action demands responsibility, and who wants to be responsible in an era of collective exploitation?
The responsibility for all this go to those who knowingly, and with the ability to analyze, question, and organize, prefer to sleep it off, because it benefits them that the system exclude some and reward others. You cannot hide in ignorance when you are benefited by saying nothing. Raising the voice is a human responsibility, individual and collective.
We must be like rivers, bonfires, tempestuous seas. We must be seed, the echo of mountains, the dwellings of an honorable people; we must be rain and the manure that grows the corn. The constant toll of Historical Memory. We must stop being plaster to be foundation and adobe. We must be molten rock when the enemy attack, and have the freshness of the wild flower when embracing the cause of the restoration of Latin America aboriginal.
Who is willing to live that metamorphosis?
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