Translated  by Marvin Najarro 
Most times, if we decide to follow our dreams, that which makes us happy, we will find opposition among family and friends, society and the system; by upbringing patterns, stereotypes, ignorance or by simple imposition. Our only tool to defend ourselves is resistance: resist, resist, resist until the last day.
Resist with passion, dedication, rapture, and love. Resistance often take us to loneliness, to absolute solitude, and it is in that solitude, in the turbulence of the battle, that our fears are revealed and from the depths of our being the most sublime of our unshakable spirit emerges. If we know how to listen to it, and follow it, we will be safe from the cruelty of reality.
They will tell us that we will fail, that dreaming is for crazies; that is unreachable, that we’d better look for a job, get marry and have a family. They will tell us to stop being lazy, and if we are married and have family they will tell us to be responsible, that we are too old for dreaming, that dreams are for others, not for us. They will tell us many things to discourage us, they will insult or even beat us, if we decide to resist to the end.
They will want to make us feel we’re an obstacle, they will want to tear our self-esteem, and seek for our weaknesses and shatter them, just to make us give up and to renounce the only and possible happiness: to be ourselves, to believe in ourselves, to follow our instincts.
They will surround us, they will hide the water and food from us, and will shout out that we are an impediment and that we’d better give up and follow the path of unhappiness so that we also become aligned and have money in our pockets; but with a withered soul. So that we have roof but an empty heart. So that we have children but a withered spirit. So that we smile hypocritically, be successful, successful as all those who let themselves be put into the straitjacket.
In our internal struggle, we will experience anxiety attacks, paranoias, deep depressions, maybe suicide attempts, we will cry, a lot, we will curse our luck, we will seek for a drug that will relieve us, that drug will have several names and forms, and in the end it will also lead us to absolute solitude, where in the quietness our unshakable spirit will emerge.
And it is in solitude, in its stillness, or in its turbulence, that we will learn how to make our own way; to be ourselves and to follow our instincts; our fulfillment which has nothing to do with success. And even if we feel despondent with grief and pain, our unshakable spirit will lift us up to continue walking in search of the utopia.
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