Social Networks Progressives

 Translated  by Marvin Najarro

Latin America is infested with formidable social networks progressives; some with a thicker skin claim to be revolutionaries. As in times past, when paper put up with everything that was written on it, now it is the social networks. They are the catalyst par excellence of our human mediocrity. They say that anyone has social networks nowadays, but no, not anyone, only those who have access to a computer, a smart phone or a tablet, those who have the economy to pay for internet at home, the people, the hoi polloi, do not even have access to a tortilla con sal, much less to one of those “volados” or artifacts.  

Social networks belong to the middle class and the bourgeoisie. They belong to those who have had access to formal education, and who supposedly for having such an opportunity in life their level of reasoning is higher than that of someone who lacks some kind of knowledge. In fact, they duty should be to help clear the clouds created by the big corporations of disinformation and media manipulation, but that’s not the case, on the contrary, this type of vile people join the masses that overlook the violence by corrupt, neoliberal governments and dictatorships. They disregard the misogynist, racist, classist and patriarchal system, because that is the way they are and they feel represented by it. 

This kind of people should use social networks as a platform to fight against disinformation instead of posting their day to day follies, like photographs of their rooms; their vacation trips; their dogs’ fleas; and the hobnobbing with «well to do people», and so on. But when they use them as a means of information it is to misinform in a deliberate manner, mindful of what they are publishing helps to manipulate – thus showing their contempt and hatred towards the people who dare to question the system. Without any scruples these remarkable progressives of the new Latin American era are the great conspirators joining the hordes of traitors who want to bury alive those who say water instead of gold. 

Among these Dantesque characters who think they are the cherry on the cake, we find poets, painters, intellectuals, university professors, filmmakers, singers, who at the slightest opportunity take advantage of the suffering of the people to «create» their art and obtain with this the personal benefit of the petty. And they are seen from conference to conference, from festival to festival, living off the backs of the marginalized and impoverished. Dentists who have made their fortunes by pulling out the teeth of entire communities. In every tooth the joy of those who think they are superior.  

That is why these «privileged minds» never speak out against ecocides, the theft of land from peasants, the diversion of rivers, the disappearance and murder of community leaders, because they correspond with that. These characters who call themselves progressives will never be heard denouncing the money embezzlements of the governing mafias. Progressives about what? When they are the usual mediocre people who during the dictatorships stabbed in the back. They will never declare themselves to be fascists, but they are so in an underhanded way. Then they say they are progressives because they like the term better for their misdeeds. They are the ones who will never be on the side of the marginalized because they are the ones who marginalize them or benefit from their exclusion. They will never defend the rights of the impoverished because they are the ones who benefit from the theft. They will never denounce injustice because impunity allows them the standard of living they enjoy. And they are the ones who will never put their socio-economic stability at stake to do what is right. On the contrary, they are the ones who, with their platforms, their degrees, and their hobnobbing, are part of that conglomerate of fascists who, without a shred of love in their hearts, will stab anyone to maintain their status.  

We are seeing them right now, posting that there is a dictatorship in Cuba and Venezuela and supporting the economic blockade in both countries, clamoring for military intervention, but silent about the massacres in Colombia and Palestine; the massacres in Bolivia, Ecuador and Chile; the dictatorship in Brazil; about the corruption in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. They also publish all the disinformation that reaches their fingertips on the keyboard, knowing that in their jobs or thanks to their professions they have followers who see them as enlightened minds. Not to mention the mediocre university professors, infecting the minds of their students.  And they do so with every neoliberal event of the corrupt governments that proliferate in Latin America. What is worse, this disease is passed on from generation to generation.  

For that reason, the few with clarity of thought and who are loyal to the peoples’ struggle, even if it seems a naive wish and are told that the struggle is already lost, they must endeavor to the arduous task of harvesting the beans and the corn; that the underestimated seed is the one that often thrives in the less expected places.   

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Ilka Oliva Corado @ilkaolivacorado

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