Kamala, a Light of Hope for Migrant Women?

Translated  by Katrina Hassan

Today 20th of January 2021 has been a historic day in the United States, in which millions of women feel proud and emotional to see a woman become vice president. A Black and Asian woman no less. They feel proud because gender causes have no ideology. Kamala is there thanks to thousands of women in the history of this country. She is there thanks to the Ancestral ones, Blacks, Whites, Asians, Latinas, European and of course the Native women. She knows this very well and recognizes it publicly. She is very proud of it too. The system and it’s tangles is something she can’t fight against alone. She or any other woman cannot fight this alone, whatever ideology they happen to have.  We hope she does the right thing and opens up spaces for more women, and to have more access to their rights. Those are the teachings of our ancestors like Rosa Parks, Angela Davis, Toni Morrison, Dolores Huerta and the workers at Triangle Shirtwaist factory in New York. These ladies were burned alive when they demanded their labor rights in 1911. Ideology? She has a right to have a different ideology, the same as the rest of us.

A Surprise? Yes, up until now, in a country like the United States, there hasn’t been a female president. Barely, until 2021 there is a woman vice president. This tells us with clarity that it doesn’t matter from what first world a nation is from, machismo and patriarchy exists.  It exists in all spheres of society and it propagates and maintains itself systematically.  If she is in this post now, this tells us that the barriers can be broken. It doesn’t matter how high they are. The fight for gender rights must continue because only fighting together for access to spaces of development will be the way, as slow as the changes will be.

With this I would like to add, millions of migrant undocumented women are supporting Kamala. They see in her a light of hope, a way out of the shadows. A way to have access to workers’ rights, access to residency and after that citizenship, as promised in the Biden campaign. They can do this, now that the Democrats have control of the Lower Chamber and Congress.  Hopefully this year, when a Black Asian woman is in the vice-presidency, millions of undocumented women from around the world will celebrate access to labor rights and can legalise their status. This is a promise from Kamala and Biden. Will they keep it? Will Kamala, daughter of a migrant Indian woman, be a light of hope for the undocumented migrant women? Only time will tell.

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Ilka Oliva Corado @ilkaolivacorado

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  1. Kamala Harris apoya a los que le de poder: DNC, Israel, Silicon Valley, Wall Street. Su propio papá la criticó. Qué dice ella de Tara Reade?

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