Dare to heal the wound

Translated  by Katrina Hassan

It is not important how the first form of expression emerges. If with fear, anger, ire, powerlessness, or frustration and therefore booms and hurls fire or burns like embers.  If the expression scratches, screams, painfully cries or throws punches into the air. That is really not important. The wound is beginning to heal, that is important.

It is not important that there are tumbling steps. There might be three steps forward and one step back, going sideways or zigzagging. It is important to stand up, try and walk, even though at first only crawling and dragging oneself. Soon, there will be strength and balance for assertive steps.

It is not important if the criticism comes in waves, like lava or sheets of heavy rain. The criticism itself is not important, the outside world is not important. What is important is the metamorphosis that happens inside the person, when the wound has healed.

It is not important if the hand trembles as it draws with brush strokes, a twisted road instead of a straight one. There will be a time when calmness will paint that canvas with a garden full of sunflowers. If the garden doesn’t bloom and the sunflowers are rocks, roses or ruins(vestigios) belonging to a cabin, which you get to by a winding road.  The important thing is not the window’s lock, but the window itself.  It lets us see what all four walls won’t. Self expression is that, a window into the soul. When the window is open, the wound heals.

It is not important if the text is a story, an article, an essay, a poem. They might have no context, deepness, or are grammatically correct, but the time will come when they become adequate for all. Maybe the time will never come, but still, that is not important. The path paved reduces the need for those who write in that moment. It is vital to cure the wound. Curing the wound is more important than worrying about what people will think. Everything else comes second.

Only when the wound gets healed, the form of expression becomes joy, calm and happiness.

There will be a time when the wound hurts no longer, until then….. 

For now, even if it hurts, the resistance is in daring to cure the wound.

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Ilka Oliva Corado. @ilkaolivacorado 

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