The Fascist We All Carry Inside Us

Translated  by Marvin Najarro 

In order for a fascist to win the presidency of a country, millions of fascists are needed, and who in times of democracy end up killing it by giving their vote to a right-wing extremist. Because a bloody dictatorship is one thing, but it’s quite another that millions of people, by their own will, vote for a fascist and make him president.

The fascist’s name is irrelevant, we are surrounded by them; we are them: we all have a fascist in our families, among friends, acquaintances, coworkers, in our community; we ourselves have something of a fascist. Isn’t that so? Let’s look ourselves in a mirror. Let us have the guts and responsibility to reckon with what we are, what we represent, and what we nurture, because we alone are the ones who maintain this system alive: by willingly ignoring all forms of violence, no matter how insignificant; by feeding stereotypes; by refusing to condemn and provoking a change, no matter how small; by being comfortable in our little fantasy bubble of a prosperous life which then we, the colonized minds, display as a means of attack against those who do the hard work –screwing everything up.   

We are sexist, misogynist, patriarchal; we are racists to the extremes, classists like nobody else, and homophobic. It is not surprise that with this kind of mediocrity a representative of the far right emerges and ignites all the hatred in us, who like useful idiots raze everything to the ground thinking the ones in the receiving end, will be others but us. 

But then we say: the fault lies with the poor who allow themselves to be manipulated by the media, when we all know that the worker, the one who works from sunrise to sunset, not even can afford a television set or a radio; he barely can scraps up enough money for a daily meal.

I for one forgive everything to the oppressed because he has not had a single opportunity in life, no matter how hard he has tried it. But those who have had access to education and who have formed their own judgment, and have been able to discern, and in spite of that voted for fascism, these people I do hold responsible. These people deserve the oblivion, for being traitors and inhuman. 

There are scientific, psychological and political explanations –we are good at blaming others. There are those who in the case of Brazil blame the governments of Lula and Dilma, but what can 15 years of democracy do when compared to 500 years of oppression? The struggle is monumental: It is impossible to solve in 15 years the problems of centuries, let alone of decades. This is a long process to which we all must contribute. We have to uproot the system, one rooted in patriarchal and misogynist ideas.

Did they fail? And if they failed, why there was so much prosperity in Brazil during those 15 years? What happens is that these people were ungrateful to those who fed them.

We blame the interventionists, but if people do not act against their principles, have integrity and respect, and love for their brethren the doors for the interventionists will be locked from the inside. It is not the interventionists’ blame; the absolute responsibility lies with those who betray their people from within. Let’s stop blaming Trump. It’s easy to put the blame on others in order for us to disengage from our responsibilities. Trump is a mortal like us. The streets are full of Bolsonaros.

Until we take full responsibility for our own actions, for what we willingly ignore, and for what we nurture, Latin America and the world will not change. There is a fascist in each of us, some more visible than others, but we carry his DNA. What will we do about it? Keep blaming others? The media, the interventionists, the poor? We are the poor: in spirit, guts and brain.

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Ilka Oliva Corado @ilkaolivacorado

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