Destroying Progressivism and its Leaders in Order to Destroy the Latin American People

Translated  by Marvin Najarro 

No trace must remain of progressive Latin America, no trace of the Niño Arañero, Néstor, Lula, Dilma; no trace of Evo, Correa, Maduro; no trace of Mujica, Lugo, Manuel Zelaya. And of course, no trace of Cristina. And let there be no doubt that they will also try to destroy López Obrador  – destroy the leaders in order to destroy the people; destroy Historical Memory, because by eliminating the root there is no offspring, and the powerless peoples become puppets and an amorphous mass obedient to the criminal oligarchy of Latin American and the world. 

In order to destroy the leaders they must be exposed as corrupt, thieves, and traitors. And in order to accomplish it, fake million-dollar bank accounts abroad are created on their name, their signatures are forged, photographs and videos are manipulated in order to make them appear guilty of million-dollar scams. Large sums of money are doled out to corporate media, and journalists are bribed to create an environment of misinformation that mislead the population who in turn is bombarded with a 24/7 news cycle until they come to believe, and repeat what the criminal gangs want: to hate, and attack the leaders that made possible 15 years of progressivism and rights in the region.

None would be left unscathed. It was already known that those who make their living from exploitation and saw their mafia business in danger during these 15 years would use all their power, with total impunity, against them: harassing them, attacking and trampling them on their rights so that their ideas will not germinate.

Without leaders; without historical memory; without information and knowledge; without tools of development, peoples are amorphous masses. Rivers of calm waters; a people who do not know where they are standing are a people in limbo, who do not know where they are heading to, unable to defend their rights and demand justice. This is what they are trying to do with the peoples who benefited from the inclusion policies of these governments. The power of impunity is enormous, but the power of the people is greater, it is for this reason that they must become aware and use their analytical skills; they must create the chaos that provokes the actions that shakes the bastions of neoliberalism which tries to appease all dignity, and all fight, and must therefore defend the honor of the leaders who dignified them.

They cannot, they have never been able to defeat the indignation, the force, the identity and the rebellion of a people that fights for their sovereignty. It is the sovereignty that they try to snatch, because a dependent people, enslaved and ignorant, is fertile ground for the criminal oligarchies.

Many have been the things which the leaders of progressivism have done to the benefit of Latin Americans that such an affront to the power of capital will not be forgiven. Let the peoples, grateful and rebellious, fight against any imposition that attempts to take away what has been achieved. For that we must be aware of our responsibility, individual and collective, to inform, question, investigate, analyze and mobilize: all from our spaces and possibilities. All contributions are necessary. The power is in resisting.

We should be the ones willing to make the seeds of the leaders of progressivism germinate. We should be the ones who defend their rights which are also ours. We should be the ones willing to confirm that in progressive Latin America the mockery, the abuse, the exclusion and the forgetfulness will never return. We should be the ones who together in a loud cry of rebellion defend the dignity that the leaders of progressivism gave us back. And let us be the ones who with the full weight of the law make them pay for the treason and the abuse and by attempting to dishonor us.

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Ilka Oliva Corado @ilkaolivacorado

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