Correa and the Citizens’ Revolution

Translated  by Marvin Najarro 


The most recent example of what treason means to a people is currently being experienced in Ecuador, which trusted Lenin Moreno and chose him as its president thanks to Rafael Correa’s courage who honored him with his support at a critical moment for all of Latin America. But neither Correa nor the Latin American peoples ever imagined that he would be the region’s big traitor of the last hundred years, and that with all his hatred and pettiness (because he knows very well that he will never be even the shadow of Correa’s shoes) he would attack the roots of the Citizens’ Revolution to destroy it and install again in the country the politics of terror, oppression and looting.


Lenin Moreno, one more of those puppets who proliferate in Latin America, power-hungry crawls to his masters; a poor puppet who obeys the orders of the oligarchic mafias in exchange for the crumbs they throw him and which, hungry, he picks from the ground with agonizing licks.


Thinking that his masters would pat him on the back and keep throwing crumbs he has started an ideological persecution against anyone who dares to mention Rafael Correa, and to recognize his impressive work in the reconstruction of a country that he found in ruins.


To intimidate the supporters of the Citizens’ Revolution he’s put a price on Correa’s head; and backed by the handpicked mobs that rot the justice system, he has followed the orders of his masters who demanded that he humiliate the most dignified president Ecuador has ever had, issuing an arrest warrant that seeks to put him in a dungeon and expose him as a criminal, so the root stops growing. But he does not know that Correa has become a people, and that he inhabits the snowy hills, the dirt streets, the adobe houses, the slums, the grassy paths that rejuvenate to his heartbeat rhythm. Correa and the bases of the Citizens’ Revolution have become one.


Of course, what Lenin Moreno is doing is the replica (he shouldn’t believe he is so smart) of a big scheme that targets Latin America every ten years. The masters look for the most servile people to lick their shoes and put on all fours; and obey they orders even selling their own mother in exchange for the kicks in the ass they will get when they no longer serves any purpose, even picking up the leftovers with their tongues. 


Lenin Moreno has been joined by those who traffic in misinformation, the corporate media that manipulates; that hides the truth, and creates huge smoke screens that seek to prevent the visibility of the population; to avoid at all costs a massive reaction that will oust him immediately from the presidency. Lenin Moreno is just a puppet acting as president, he is not capable of running a country, he is there to receive orders, and be the facade of the rotten political system that seeks its return.


His attack is not only against the Ecuadorian people and the wonderful foundations of the Citizens’ Revolution; it is against the peoples of Latin America. Lenin Moreno, as all the neoliberal presidents, seeks to end the unity and progress of the progressive policies of the leaders of the region. For that reason, he has not only halted the advance of the Citizens’ Revolution, he seeks to eradicate it, so that the interference of capital devastates the people by causing it to suffer again the miseries caused by the imposition.


The permanence of Lenin Moreno in the government is the absolute responsibility of the Ecuadorian people, whether or not it is willing to fight for the Citizens’ Revolution and his freedom.


Correa did his job extraordinarily; the reconstruction of Ecuador bears his name: he gave them a voice, resources, invigorated the seed, fertilized the land, and now is the time the Ecuadorian people demonstrate if the seed have germinated, and if it will bear fruit.


Will the Ecuadorian people fail to defend what they have won?


What else should happen so that Ecuador reacts and kicks out, try and lock up in a dungeon a traitor like Lenin Moreno? Have they forgotten how Correa dignified them?


Let’s hope that the demonstrations of recent days be a breath, and the flare that ignites the libertarian hearts of those who have Historical Memory and are willing not to let the beauty of the Citizens’ Revolution be snatched from their hands.  


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