Before, During and After March 8

Translated  by Marvin Najarro 
The housemaid will continue to be a housemaid, without labor benefits or human rights. All day, humiliated, in the shit.
The female day laborer will continue to be a female day laborer, excluded and abused, toiling from sunrise to sunset, 7 days a week. To the sheds where they sleep on the floor feminism doesn’t come in.
The female sweatshop worker will continue to rot in a factory, without the right to go to the bathroom during work hours -117 years after the feminicide of 123 workers in that factory in New York.

And in 2017; the feminicide of 41 girls in a Safe Home –run by the government of Guatemala- sexually assaulted and tortured by the government.
The tortillas vendor will continue to burn her life, and dreams, in front of a hotplate. It will be the arthritis that consumes her into the oblivion of society.
Before, during and after March 8, the pariah will remain pariah. Because feminism does not come in to the slum, nor does the one of social networks, or the one of the artistic exhibitions, and much less the one of deeds which is the one that makes sense; the one that transforms.
The black, indigenous and transsexual women will continue to be excluded by bourgeois and white feminism. Because when it comes to breaking with patriarchy, racism and classism, feminism also has its limits.
For the market vendor, there is no International Women’s Day, neither for the illiterate who washes other people’s clothes, nor for those who toil cleaning hotel rooms.
It does not exist for those who live in a garbage dump or for those who juggle at a traffic light.
For the girls, adolescents and women who are raped in bars and in dating houses there is no March 8; there are no rights either before, during, or after. There are no global feminist marches or a global strike demanding the abolition of bars, sexual exploitation, and human trafficking. There are not; because feminism doesn’t get there. Because, who stand up for a pariah? What is a pariah in the feminist framework?
There will not be March 8, before, during or after, until the pariahs themselves rise to the occasion, and regain the space that has been taken away from them by bourgeois, opportunists and false feminists who see in such ideology, the opportunity to excel individually taking advantage of the marginalization and abuse of others.
It will be the pariahs; indigenous, blacks, transsexuals, marginalized, workers, who will rewrite feminism, those who like Rosa Luxemburg, Clara Campoamor and Emma Goldman, will go beyond what is politically correct and bring down the walls, and jump the fences, and erase all traces of incidental feminism.
One day, sooner rather than later, they will come from the bowels of the slum, women, who with a thunderclap voice will fight for their rights, without allowing any opportunist to represent them. That day, the hullabaloo that we see today as insular feminism, the intellectual feminism for photos, opportunist and bourgeois, will fall.
And when the time comes, on that day, it will be the slum that will speak and the world will have to listen to it.
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Ilka Oliva Corado @ilkaolivacorado

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