Latin America Steps Back One Hundred Years

Translated  by Marvin Najarro 
A few days ago, Marco Rubio a US republican senator of Cuban descent wrote in his twitter account: “The world would support the Armed Forces in Venezuela if they decide to protect their people and restore democracy by removing a dictator (of power).” That’s all he is craving for.
Now, let us imagine someone like Diosdado Cabello writing something similar but in regard to the United States, or Nicolás Maduro himself, how do you think the United States would react?

Here is another example: Todd Robinson, former ambassador to Guatemala -who used to stick his nose even in the meetings of provincial mayors-, and now US chargé d’affaires in Venezuela, at a reception on Thursday, February 9 at the US Embassy in Caracas said: “At this time the US and the international community are ready to provide ‘humanitarian aid’ (…) We are also prepared to lend a hand in training and sharing our experience as soon as democracy is restored in the country”. “The Venezuelan people are being victimized through the creation of ‘illegitimate entities’ and ‘taking the voters hostages’ through food and medicines.”
Well, Mr. Robinson has probably spent so little time in his own country that he does not know about the 40 million Americans living in misery, how about if he turns towards home instead of walking around in someone else’s house? Without going that far, he says humanity (?). Well, how about being the proponent of a Comprehensive Immigration Reform that brings out at least 25 million undocumented immigrants from the shadows in the United States? There are thing to do in his own country, for sure, and even more!
Some questions that should be asked: Does the arrival of 415 members of the US Air Force to Panama have to do with the planning of the invasion of Venezuela, in an agreement between both governments called New Horizons? Or is it a silent invasion as social organizations call it? Just around the corner is Colombia, where we have seen the brazeness of Juan Manuel Santos on the subject of Venezuelan migrants and the border between Colombia and Venezuela; his eager for his name to be stamped in history as one of the drivers of the invasion of Venezuela, and the overthrowing of Maduro. While in his own country, his government through the paramilitaries continues to kill guerrillas and civilians -with Plan Colombia at full speed.
Colombia is a bloody mess, what does the “humanitarian” governments that demand the invasion of Venezuela say about it? And farther north, in Mexico?
Ecuador has been pushed back one hundred years with the colossal betrayal of Lenin Moreno; a stab in the back not only to Rafael Correa, but to the Ecuadorian people who set out to defend the Citizens’ Revolution at the polls. But, did the “yes” win? No, Rafael Correa, that continues to have the support of citizens who for 10 years defended the Citizens’ Revolution, won. The “yes”, comes from the unity of the Ecuadorian left that has always been friendly to the right, and from the different leaders of the right-wing oligarchic mafias, who in a Machiavellian fashion joined together against Rafael, using Lenin who when no longer serves their interests will get a kick in the ass -like all traitors. One by one they would never have had any chance against Rafael and the Citizens’ Revolution.
Another of the greatest betrayals in contemporary history is Temer’s and the Brazilian justice system that has been co-opted by gangs of criminals who have the power to remove and put presidents at their whim. As in Guatemala and the Northern Triangle of Central America.
In Brazil, which in Dilma’s time made a breakthrough concerning the rights of the LGBTI community, now we see how the government is taking action against them. The same is happening against social and community organizations, defenders of human rights and the environment. Social cleansing in favelas which under Lula and Dilma were dignified.
Now Brazil speaks about militarizing the borders together with Colombia, as a way of encircling Venezuela to accelerate the military invasion in which they undoubtedly want to be part, like Macri’s Argentina. Rubber bullets, steel bullets, torture, forced disappearances, assassinations, elimination of labor rights, mass dismissals, backsliding in human rights, impunity, freedom for those guilty of crimes against humanity, ecocides, and a proposal -nothing new- about the death penalty for the pariahs; the social cleanups multiplied manifold.
Peru, on the other hand, frees Fujimori. Pablo Kuczynski, a right-wing servant of the oligarchies and the United States, has freed a Dantesque character who acted whit total impunity. Kuczynski says it is a humanitarian pardon, which accompanied by a “right to pardon” nullifies any other attempt to prosecute the dictator Fujimori. Yet the abuses that such a character committed during his time as president are completely forgotten by the authorities -also co-opted by the bribery agreements so common in Latin America of the post-dictatorships and neoliberalism. That’s all for now, next time we’re going to talk about the licenses for transnational companies and the exploitation of Peruvian ecosystems.
Honduras where the people said no to the dictatorship of Juan Orlando Hernández, the ruffian executed a coup d’état and he is repressing his people with the Armed Forces. But the scoundrel is not alone; he’s got the oligarchic bands and the United States on his side. So many things are at stake at this moment in Honduras; saying no to Juan Orlando Hernández has demonstrated the dignity of the Honduran people and the strength of their resistance. The world should be with Honduras, denouncing the atrocities of the dictator and emboldening the courage of those who refuse to tolerate the scam and the corruption of the rascal.
Guatemala, with its pact among the corrupt, finds itself in a miserable situation; it is a tiny country in Central America, which is rarely mentioned in the international media -much as El Salvador- which unless it is not about the Mara Salvatrucha, does not exist.
The dictatorship in Guatemala became stronger with the signing of “La Paz”; let’s say it was legalized, it has its seals and signatures of approval. It did not satisfy itself with placing a genocidal as president and went for more; choosing Jimmy Morales, the worst of the worst; a wimp in the full extent of the word. A puppet cast in the mold as those who voted for him: corrupt, misogynist, macho, sanctimonious, cynical, thief and conspirator. Good heavens!
A Congress usurped by crooks who do not give a damn about the law and the Constitution. Promoters of public insecurity, misery, femicides, social cleansing, extrajudicial executions and impunity; just like that, without anyone noticing. Guatemala and Honduras are examples of the triumph of criminal gangs in the governments co-opted by them.
And we cannot forget Costa Rica; a country that for decades has boasted itself to be the most economically stable of Central America (but, wait a minute, it’s Nicaragua!), and also boastful of a population comprised mostly of people with a higher education level. But you know, with this higher education, which has not served them well at all, the Costa Rican people decided to put the noose around their necks placing at the peak a misogynist, macho, patriarchal, classist and racist candidate like Fabricio Alvarado who is an exact copy of Jimmy Morales. They take bathes of purity and sell themselves as anointed (with dirty sock water) by the grace of the Holy Spirit.
The fact of a second round having a candidate like Fabricio Alvarado, is a setback. What is happening to the wisdom of the Costa Rican people? It is the same that happens to all peoples who have been manipulated by religions and faith. Costa Rica is the example in the region of a higher education that has worked at the service of the system; a system that is also manipulated by religion.
As we can see, and without much particulars, Latin America is experiencing a neoliberal onslaught; the continuation of a plan that was launched during the dictatorships and it is functioning as a seal; as a tie or stamp of an era that seeks to uproot all resistance of the peoples.
Foreign interferences will always exist, and it will not be only the United States and its ambassadors, or the infiltrators from other countries; in this case the absolute responsibility goes to the traitors who sell their people to the highest bidder. And it is the traitors who must be prosecuted, and who must rot in the dungeons, and be erased from the collective memory and in solitude suffering the oblivion of their people.
But it will not be now that they will strike us down, we have been resisting for more than 500 years and notwithstanding all their attacks, they have not been able to destroy us. These are difficult times, but we are weaved together by a thread of a collective memory, and a thousand-year-old root that dignifies the generations facing a time which they have had to live. The best is not in the past, they didn’t kill the best of us; the best of us is about to come.
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