Coup Against Nasralla in Honduras

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The Honduran people must defend their vote and not allow another coup like that against Zelaya.

On June 28, 2009, when Honduras was just beginning its own path away from neoliberalism and became associated with the Latin American progressive current emerging in South America, President Manuel Zelaya suffered a coup d’état. The coup d’état was ordered from the United States and executed by the oligarchy, as happened in Paraguay and Brazil; it was carried out by the Congress and the Supreme Court of Justice.
The vultures linked to the power of capital, dictatorships that are imposed with new operational models, which use the Congress, the Supreme Court of Justice and the Electoral Tribunal and which are manipulated by the corporate media who are the basis for keeping the current system in force by deceiving the population.
Honduras, located in the Northern Triangle of Central America along with Guatemala and El Salvador, is one of the three most exploited countries in Latin America in recent decades. The business of multinationals has carried out ecocides that have destroyed entire towns. Communities are forced to emigrate irregularly to the United States because the situation in their country obliges them to. In Honduras, the assassination of Human Rights and Environmental activists are equal to those of Colombia. The numbers of femicides are overwhelming.
The country is a key in the drug trafficking from Colombia to the United States, and the tell us the completely differnt story when say that the United States signed an agreement to eradicate trafficking in the Northern Triangle with the Partnership for Prosperity Plan : no, this plan only looks to militarize the area and leave it under the control of the criminal cliques of the government to give way to the trafficking of drugs and people and to mining. As in Colombia with Plan Colombia and in Mexico with Plan Mérida and Plan Frontera Sur, disappearing and killing as many people as possible opposed to this project.
Here enters the media to accused the maras, or gangs for these deaths, when it is institutional violence. They manipulate the population who, in anguish and without understanding the full picture, asks for the death penalty for these pariahs. And the curtain goes up and then is lowered and the spectacle keeps the population’s eyes away from the transactions of the government, the army and the oligarchy. Using the violence of gangs and drug trafficking as an excuse, they create U.S. military bases in Latin America with the sole purpose of encircling those who seek to free their land of all oppression. And so they have turned us into U.S. colonies, defeated and defenseless.
Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, after Mexico, are the countries that export the most cheap labor to the United States. Whole populations are forced to emigrate due to violence, lack of opportunities and because they seek to develop their lives. Undocumented migration makes them easy prey for organized crime.
In Guatemala, the dismissal of Perez Molina resulted in the election of another capo named Jimmy Morales. The population voted in favor of another executioner. Changing one puppet for another only served as a show for the international press. In Honduras things are going differently, as the population voted in favor of Salvador Nasralla and must defend that vote, taking to the streets and demanding that their decision be respected.
You can not let your sovereignty be stolen, the Honduran people must defend their vote and not allow another coup like that against Zelaya. There is a lot at stake and the Honduran people can not let themselves be defeated, they have already traced a path and they must follow it – it is the path of progress.
Two years ago, Honduras was filled with indignant people demonstrating with torches, and the night was filled with light, with resistance, with awakened people, with utopias and agency.
They must not let themselves be defeated, the Honduran people have the strength, the dignity, the integrity and the love to resist and not allow vultures of exploitation, manipulation and extermination to be the ones who govern them.
They must show the current government that their time is over, that Honduras has woken up and they will defend their constitutional right at any cost. For those who are no longer there, for those who are and for those who are yet to come. It is now, the time is today.

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