Lenin Moreno, the Archtraitor of Latin American Progressivism

Translated  by Marvin Najarro 
Just a few months ago we celebrated the victory of Lenin Moreno who promised to continue with the Citizen Revolution initiated by Rafael Correa, he turned out to be a fraud, inflicting the worst blow to Latin American progressivism in the last decade; Lenin Moreno bit the hand of the one who fed him.
In his hatred for his own country Moreno surpassed Temer, both of them could not stand the light of his presidents: Temer unable to reach Dilma’s stature, and Moreno who will never outdo Rafael Correa’s, because both Correa and Dilma are already immortal in their peoples memory.

He not only betrayed the trust of the maximum leader of the Citizens’ Revolution, but also of all the people that supported and took him to the presidency with their vote. A very common behavior on the part of bootlickers. He did not even wait for the roosters to crow to start backstabbing those who gave him a name, because that’s what happened, he grew up in Rafael Correa’s shadow and he could not stand the light of the leader, so much so that he believed that by sitting in the presidential seat, and putting Alianza PAIS leaders in jail he will erase the 10 years of progress that Ecuador experienced under Rafael Correa.
It’s been five months since he became president and all he has done is to agree with the recalcitrant right, with this he has confirmed that he was always one of them, someone who pretended to be with the people and responding to their needs. Someone who feigned loyalty to Rafael Correa and his people. Someone who misled, and then proceed to deal with the neoliberal right since the first day of his presidency.
The matter with Lenin Moreno is not just about trivial matters between Alianza PAIS and him, as portrayed by several sensationalist media outlets; here Lenin has failed the people who voted for him expecting it would be he the continuity of a development project already advanced by Rafael. Moreno would not be in the presidency if Rafael Correa had not trusted and presented him to the people as the one who would follow up on the citizens’ project. Moreno without Rafael is a nobody, and we are seeing it now in the presidency where he acts as a puppet of the right.
The peoples don’t forget being betrayed and Lenin Moreno, who wanted to outdo Correa will go down in history as the president who betrayed his people, as the sellout bootlicker, the simple vice president, a puppet unable to cope with the greatness of the maximum leader of the Citizens’ Revolution.
The people put him there; it is the people who must remove him. The Ecuadorian people fought for the Citizens’ Revolution from its foundations, building it inch by inch, it will not be Lenin Moreno who will destroy it. It will not be a traitor who pushes Ecuador back. The Ecuadorian people must organize again and demand the immediate resignation of President Lenin Moreno. They cannot allow what has been achieved to be snatched by a perfidious one. In Ecuador, the Citizens’ Revolution must continue.
Ecuador must not allow its Citizens’ Revolution to be destroyed by a coward who was unable to cope with the greatness and dignity of his people.
And to the traitors, the prison, the oblivion and ostracism!
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  1. Excelente article that is exactly how we all feel; we are still in shock bu the people will raise and when they do Moreno and Bucaram and Gutierrez will run

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