Terminate Venezuela, Because Dead Dogs Don’t Bite

Translated by Marvin Najarro 
We are a hair breadth away of an invasion by the United States and its pack against Venezuela. The first to provide an open corridor by land, sea and air will be Brazil, Colombia and Argentina; their rulers are already on all fours. Did anybody believe Juan Manuel Santos’ tale of The Peace (La Paz)? They will go with their rusty tanks to shell their brothers.
The media war is colossal; a great deal of distorted information has been created to guarantee the manipulation of the lukewarm. Because when it comes to defend the peoples sovereignty there’s no middle ground, one in life is either fish or fowl. In the case of Venezuela, one is with her or with the enemy, one cannot be impartial and remain silent, because to do so, is to conceal the extermination of Historical Memory, the dignity and identity of the peoples; their chosen democratic decision.

A divided Latin America and treacherous societies throw poisoned darts against a sovereign and dignified Venezuela, which has been able to rising from the ashes, to rebuild itself amid the calamity of forgetfulness that crushes other sister nations. With what morality do we question its internal politics if by acquiescing to neoliberal governments and the gangs of robbers, we have been acting like cowards?
There always comes that moment in life when one must take a stand, or it is boiling red blood, or a concoction for pigs. Or it is open field for sowing, or wasteland and cement. That decision comes as a result of natural reasoning, when one is willing to defend one’s own dignity; which is nothing else but the resistance and rebellion which reinforce our human principles, even if the bullets are raining on us, or are under the assault of battalions. They can catch us, what they don’t, is to bend us; that’s what surviving is.
And in Latin America, we are surviving more than 500 years of genocide, mining, aggressions, oppression and forgetfulness. We’ve survived the corrupt traitor and brigand who sell us every day. To the one who decides to open his legs without being asked or forced, for personal benefit at the expense of the freedom of his people.
This isn’t the time to step aside and pretend that we don’t care about Venezuela, “because each country has its own problems”, that’s like locking ourselves in our bubble, and beat our chest; that’s double standards.
If, as Latin Americans, we continue to allow misinformation and media manipulation, we don’t deserve a land like the Great Homeland (La Patria Grande), we deserve to live forever within a lump, flooded with our own miseries.
From our own places we can always do something; teachers, artists, peasants, workers, pariahs, intellectuals; everybody. Because together we are millions of veins which form cells and nucleuses, together we are the reflex-arc, the heart of the exuberant Latin America that our ancestors once had.
Not to be silent, to denounce the disinformation and propaganda, everywhere, for that we only need the will, and reasserting the human values. That means to fight the giant monster of capitalism. It is not easy, it is an arduous and exhausting task, but others gave their lives for us to have a free land. Rivers of blood have flowed in Latin America that now as a result of our laziness, apathy and brazen behavior we chose to remain silent, because we have been told that silent is gold.
At this moment, we all must be Venezuela and close ranks against the pack of criminals who never deserved to be born in a land as dignified as the Great Homeland.
I subscribe to the words of the Argentine journalist José Steinsleger: “At your entire disposition, Mr. President!” And I am here for Cristina, Evo, Lenin, Rafael, Lula, Dilma, for whatever they order. I will always defend the right of Latin America to live in freedom; I will always defend the right of the peoples to live in peace.
“Make copies of this information, disseminate it by the means at your disposal: by hand, typewriter, mimeograph, orally. Send copies to your friends: nine out of ten will be waiting for them. Millions wish to be informed. The horror is based on the lack on communication. Break the isolation. Feel the moral satisfaction of an act of freedom again. Defeat the terror. Circulate this information.” -Rodolfo Walsh.
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