Transgressed, Testimonies of Survivors of Gender Violence

Translated by Marvin Najarro
Transgressed (Transgredidas), has been one of the most difficult books for me to write, it has hurt me, I have cried and I have felt it in flesh and blood, because it is the accounts of testimonies and stories of girls, adolescents and women who have suffered sexual abuse, either as undocumented migrants in their way to the United States, or as victims of human trafficking for sexual exploitation purposes.
Abused by relatives and strangers, not because of their origin or their social class, but because they are women in a society that disrespects and devalues women by its gender, in a society that cripples and wither her, these are stories that occurred in different parts of the world, given that the abuse towards the female gender has no age, color, religion or nationality.

It all started in November 2012, with a text entitled Transgredidas (Transgressed), which was followed by others as I was getting testimonials to publish in the Transgredidas series of my blog, Crónicas de una Inquilina. This series has become a book. These are testimonies of women marked for life by abuse, and beatings; women violated in their rights, girls to whom their childhood was stolen.
It is not a sweet book, nor does it is the excellence of fiction, it is a crude, raw book, like the reality that its protagonists and thousands of women through time and history have had to live.
Gender violence is not a matter of fiction or literature, it is a real problem that is killing us, it disappears and stigmatizes us. We have all suffered gender violence in any of its many forms. The stories written in Transgredidas show the extremes of what a patriarchal and macho society can do in the lives of girls, adolescents and women within the framework of a socio-political system that treats us as merchandise.
The stories included in this book are real, although the names of the protagonists have been changed and also some locations, to protect their identities and their security. The important thing of this book lies in telling the stories of abuse that anonymous women, as anonymous as anyone anywhere in the world, have experienced. These are stories that happen every day, everywhere, at all hours.
Stories that in most cases we take to the grave, because telling them, means losing family members, putting them and our own lives at risk. Also in a society full of stereotypes we remain silent for fear of being singled out by family members, friends and society. Because being abused marks us, and this same society accuses and excludes us.
The emotional, physical and sexual abuse cripples us in many ways, steals our life with a single stroke, mine us from the inside, it makes us invisible. Transgredidas, are the voices of thousands of women who have been silenced over time.
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