The essential dignity of the Ecuadorian people

Translated by Marvin Najarro
In these moments of joy and celebration in Latin America for the triumph of Alianza País, it is necessary to remember that everything in contemporary history began with the illusion of The Niño Arañero, the seller of papaya sweets in the streets of his native Venezuela; I summarize his origin because we are made of Historical Memory and identity. Children like Chávez are born one every five hundred years and they pass through the earth to mark the peoples’ history.

His dream was joined by Nestor and Lula, two other crazies who bet on the dream of Bolivar, Bartolina Sisa and Juana Azurduy, and of the thousands disappeared by the military dictatorships that took Latin America by assault, not to mention the top dogs, the Indigenous Peoples that are the beginning and the end, and who have experienced the worst part of capitalist repression. Later the other scions joined: Evo, Lugo, Cristina, Dilma and Correa. Each of them in their own country cemented the Chavista Revolution, with the bravery of the Bolivarian Revolution, which came to be called Latin American Progressivism -the famous populists, for those who have their motherland for sale.
In Ecuador, The Citizen’s Revolution is the name by which is known the movement created by Correa, a progressive president who has restored the dignity, historical memory and hope to the country. There is not much to analyze in regard to the results of this election, the people decided to continue along the path of dignity. They didn’t allow to be fooled or intimidated by the pressure of the national and international rightwing that undermined the country so that anyone who took a false step would benefit them with their vote.
What Ecuador did in these elections is exemplary, it came forward for the Latin American peoples, it faced up to the neoliberal attack, and it put the shoulder to the continuity of the political system that Correa has been working on. And do you know why? Because they are grateful and know that the changes don’t take place overnight, that it is necessary to work hard and that they take time and are done collectively. They understand that regression is oppression and looting. The vote for Lenin has many meanings: they want the OAS outside Latin America, they support UNASUR, CELAC and ALBA. All the Latin American countries should support these organisms.
What awaits Lenin is not an easy the task, Ecuador with the Citizen’s Revolution, has taken the looting oligarchs out of the system, there will always be right-wing attacks, and coup attempts, as Correa experienced, and as Venezuela has been experiencing. They are going to try without a break to beat us in order to see Ecuador in the same state of misery as the 12 countries attempting a coup against Venezuela. At this moment, many Latin Americans feel a deep pride for Ecuador, for the way it knew how to vote, to defend what has been won with the Citizen’s Revolution.
As an aside, I hope that with Lenin Moreno, who is part of the minorities and knows about exclusion, the Right to Abortion and Equal Marriage will be granted, they owe it to us. The LGBTI community is supporting him; it is time he give them their rights back. Progressive women are supporting him; it is time to legislate the Right to Abortion, we hope that his humanity and integrity be of greater strength than the patriarchal system that prevails in Latin America. We expect not be disappointed and he becomes the one who take out the shadows the thousands of people who have been the target of homophobia, machismo and patriarchy. We hope he becomes the one who avoids the deaths of women for clandestine abortions.
May the societies with neoliberal governments in Latin America learn and take the example of Ecuador.
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