Hiding the Truth Makes Us Accomplices

Translated y Marvin Najarro
Many of us would rather live in our bubble and close our eyes to reality, remain passive, turn away and remain silent. This in relation to government corruption, and the ineffectiveness of a failed state, to systematic violence and impunity. Influence peddling and manipulation by the media. We prefer to stay at the margins in the face of injustice, because it is more comfortable not to get involved, because getting involved demands respect for oneself and for others, and above all: honesty, responsibility and integrity.
And we are not prepared to risk our skin for others, we did not learn of solidarity and of collectivity. We naively believe that it will never touch us, that it only happens to others: to those who are up to no good.

For generations the system has prepared us to bend our heads and obey the capitalist patterns; we only act in our own best interests, we go to college to become deeply egotistical and spit the hand who feed us. The educational system prepares us for cheating and bullying; for a cardboard (diploma) that could very well serve as toilet paper in case of an emergency, or to light the fire to boil the beans in any village. We believe we are untouchables, and with the right to despise and humiliate the less fortunate. And we take pride in stealing with the support of the law. For that we are professionals, the hot shit!
We amass fortunes thinking that when we die we’re going to take them with us, or worse, believing ourselves immortals. The more money and useless diplomas we get, the more imbeciles, robotized, and puppets we become, increasing our insensitivity. Then we get to believe that to live is to have a brand name watch, fashionable clothes, a brand-new car, bought and obedient friendship, contacts in the highest spheres of society, trips around the world; we proclaim our false happiness for others to praise, envy and respect us. We live as capitalism wants: imbeciles, without own judgment, contemptible, puppets that the swindler in turn can manipulate.
While they keep us busy watching television which somebody figured it out would be the perfect hook for sucking brains, or while we’re bragging about our brand new car, with the closet full of shoes, believing ourselves to be successful; powerful transnational companies dry up and poison the water of our rivers. And this because someone got the brilliant idea to manipulate the world mass by making us believe that certain minerals are valuable outside the bowels of the earth. Everything has its natural habitat and we should not touch it, because it does not belong to us, we are on this earth just for a short while. And with our silence we avoid dealing with that hypothesis, and not only that, we also buy those minerals that only belong to the bowels of the earth. We are accomplices of the global ecocide that mining brings about, and of the slave labor, because we know well that thousands of people around the world are still being exploited and abused by the trafficking of minerals: the blood diamonds, and the miners who die almost every day in accidents, are an example.
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