The double standard of U.S. Protests

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Translated by Marvin Najarro

Since Trump took office as U.S president, we have seen how the crowds have taken to the streets, and that’s good. However, we can not be naive and believe that all this is about dignity and discontent with Trump’s policies, and that this society awoke overnight and became aware of human values. Because in the United States, even for demonstrator who call for social justice, equality and humanity, there are still third-class citizens.

This chaotic scenario would have been avoided if at least for the last 20 years, U.S society had resisted Bill Clinton, Bush and Obama. Because both of them as well as Hillary Clinton are like Trump, the difference is that Trump is egotistical and loves to show off his power as a Caucasian with a macho mentality. There is nothing new in his policies; it’s just that he’s saying it out loud.

Now a question arises, why did those crowds who have taken over the country’s airports, defending the rights of Muslim immigrants and refugees from the 7 countries vetoed by Trump, didn’t come out in the same manner when Obama bombed them? Does this mean that the lives of those who are now refugees and immigrants were not so important when they were in their countries of origin?
What’s the difference now? Why did they keep silent when Bush invaded Iraq? Why do they keep silent now with the invasion of Syria? All those feminist who attended the Women’s March, why did they not come out to demonstrate against Obama’s invasions, or when U.S soldiers raped girls, teenagers and women? What is this feminism about? Is it territorial and of double standards?
Why did the masses that come out to protest at the Women’s March around the globe didn’t do so when Obama signed the decree against Venezuela? Since that decree makes it very clear that the United States can bomb Venezuela at any time if it considers the country a danger to the United States. When he invaded Lybia and assassinated Gaddafi? US soldiers raped more than 100 Colombian girls; did the feminists come out to voice their anger? Obama sought to exterminate Somalia, where were the world masses protesting against it? Where were they when Obama invaded, plundered and pulverized those 7 Muslim countries?
And properly speaking of immigrants and refugees, Obama deported more than two and a half million Latin Americans undocumented, where were the masses that took the airports these days, protesting to demand a halt to the deportations, just as they are doing now With Muslim immigrants and refugees?
Obama created the Plan Alliance for Prosperity and Maya-Chortí Plan, which authorizes the police and army of the participating countries to abuse, disappear and murder Latin American migrants in transit, what the U.S protesters say about this, the same people demanding a halt to Trump’s veto to immigrants from Muslim countries?
Obama jailed 1,600 undocumented immigrants on a daily basis to be immediately deported to Latin America, where were the masses marching against it? Trump has just signed an Executive Order that gives continuity to Obama’s anti-immigrant policies against Latin American immigrants, where are the masses protesting to stop this Executive Action, as well as they do for the Muslims? Aren’t we, as human beings, all the same, don’t we have the same rights? Or will they act with that double standard that says “it is because they entered illegally”? Where are the masses calling for Trump to repeal such Executive Action?
This clearly shows that undocumented Latin American immigrants who are also refugees because they are fleeing from their own countries because of the institutionalized violence, famine, misery and lack of opportunities, are third-class citizens even for the most human of those who have participated in the last days’ demonstrations at the airports.
They do not earn the minimum wage and have no labor, health and education rights, where are the masses protesting? The massive deportations of undocumented people will continue, where are the so-called “Dreamers” voicing their opposition? Or is it because they already have work permits and that is making them to forget where they come from, and who their people is?
The United States has more than 36 military bases installed in Latin America, where are the masses demanding a halt to the interference of their country in the affairs of others?
Where are the masses now calling for a halt to the U.S blockade against Cuba? Where are they demanding the return of Guantanamo?
170 blacks died at the hands of the U.S police in 2016; did the masses come out to voice their anger? In the Border Detention Centers, Border Patrol agents have sexually abused children, adolescents and women, where were the masses protesting against it? At the border, anti-immigrant civilians groups go on hunting trips to shoot undocumented migrants who are trying to cross the border, where are the masses protesting and demanding justice in the face of such an atrocity?
Trump authorized the continuation of the works of the pipeline in Dakota (as Obama did), the government also authorized the police to shoot Native Peoples who are defending their lands and the water of their rivers, where are the protesters of the March of Women and those who took the airports, demanding that the police respects the Native Peoples, their lands and their rivers? How valuable is a native’s life for a common citizen with an immigrant heritage and who now wears the veil of dignity and takes photos of himself in the demonstrations and spreads them on social media?
It is worth analyzing in detail this matter of the demonstrations, who is organizing and financing them? What values and rights do they speak about? What is social justice and equality for them? What is for them the difference between a first and a second class citizen? What makes some immigrants refugees and others criminals?
And since it is not a matter of acting irresponsible, do we know how the immigration system works in our countries of origin? What treatment do we dispense to undocumented immigrants? Are we doing something as citizens to change their situation, or are we only good at criticizing the United States and its society?

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Ilka Oliva Corado @ilkaolivacorado

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