The force of the storm

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Translated by Marvin Najarro

We grow up with the path marked by stereotypes, customs, culture, religion and the patriarchal system which damages us all.

Prejudices that tell us you can do this but not this. This is wrong, because what they might say, because our gender, physical appearance, ideology, skin color, age, social status, nationality and ethnicity.
And we keep growing up conditioned and immersed in fears, overwhelmed by ghosts that become a hellhole that slowly devour us, and we never manage to fully evolve as human beings because we bring with us all the limitations that were imposed during our childhood and adolescence.

We become insecure and frustrated adults, hiding in the depths of our disappointment everything that fills us with life, gives us joy and happiness. Everything that allows us to be free. What we are passionate about gets rotten becoming pure poison for our soul and spirit which in its turn corrode us. Suicide is not necessary, because we are dead walking. And we are dedicated to mimicking the shortcomings of others.
The dreams we once had, the ones that family, friends and society told us were utter craziness that would never materialize because they were utopians, we gradually proceed to drowning them in our bitterness which flows through our veins, taking over our brains, our muscles, and our willpower. And of our heart and emotions. It settles treacherously in our cells.
And we fall into unfathomable abysses: because we are fragile, easily manipulated and infused with guilt. Depression consumes us, and stigma erases all illusion. And we believe it; we believe that in reality we are old rags thrown in any dustbin, that we have no right to live fully. That we have no capacity for reasoning, therefore we stuff our own judgment under the bed and go out to face the world without any protection because our self-esteem is destroyed -we never knew about self-regard- and our willpower was cut off since our childhood. So anybody gives his opinion, anyone leads us, anyone makes use of us.
And the hours, the days and the years go by, and we are the objects that the patriarchal system needs: who don’t think, don’t feel, lack spirit and are incapable to waking up and fight for those illusions that fill us with life. Because a living being loves himself and loves the other, has strength in his voice and rebellions in his acts, there is certitude in his steps, and tenderness in his hands. A living being creates, dreams, transforms and paints with joy the most bitter bitterness to make bearable the most ferocious hell.
Because a living being discover fire in the music that springs up from his soul, his spirit is free and liberates.
It is never too late, our passage on earth is brief, we won’t have another chance, today will not repeat itself in our lives, we have to learn to eliminate all patriarchal pattern from our thinking, and we have to be brave and have the courage to face the force of the storm; our own storm, where no one enters, which only consumes us.
We have to have the guts to jump into the void and free ourselves from that emotional manipulation that came with parenting stiles, school, religions and society. To face the ghosts and hell; cope with them and strip away everything that does not allow us to live fully, because to live fully is our right and we must defend it from everything and everyone, even from ourselves! To live fully have nothing to do with money or university degrees, it is something sublime that has no explanation but that transforms the human being.
Let nothing and no one stop us, to exercise power over us, it is our duty to fight for that which fills us with happiness, for that short moment that fills our soul with light and enlivens our spirit.
And we are wrong if we try to shield ourselves behind everything that comes from outside, we have the capacity to block everything that does not allow us to grow up, because is only us who have the power over our own demons.
Let’s be strong enough so that neither the prejudices, nor the stereotypes, which are in the patterns with which we grew up and in the society that we live in, have a place in our right to madness and happiness. Even if we have everything against us -this is what the storm is all about- it is there to strengthen us and make us invincible. It is time to believe in ourselves.

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Ilka Oliva Corado @ilkaolivacorado

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