The worst of evils

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Translated by Marvin Najarro

We have little humanity left, if at any time we had it. A planet in danger screams for help, we turn a blind eye and go to sleep like a log while everything around us is extinguishing by our indifference as self-centered mediocres.

We are the deterioration of a destructive, selfish, opportunistic and boastful species. We are the worst of evils. Every day we wake up with more species in danger of extinction, with the fauna and flora in agony, with the rainforests about to become deserts. With the streets of our neighborhood littered with garbage. We on our part, with a harder skin, more insensitive than the day before.

Every day more children are living in the streets and in the garbage dumps, there are more femicides, more girls, adolescents and women are raped. More and more pregnancies resulting from rape. And the right to abortion that never comes because it questions our double standards.

Every day more forced disappearances, more trafficking of people for purposes of sexual and labor exploitation, as well as organ trafficking, is taking place. More migrants defying the borders of death. Every day we become more corrupt like the mafia bosses and ensconce ourselves saying, if they do it, why I shouldn’t? We’re more despicable than a year ago. Submissive when it suits us and excellent to live off appearances.

Our species is the poison of all the creatures that inhabit the universe. Corrupted in each of our actions. Slaves of consumerism and gossip. We are the best to humiliate the destitute, to trample on him, to rubbing in his face our opulence as knaves of double standard. Those residues that the system allows us, because we are indifferent and complacent.

We who don’t know about brotherhood and solidarity. For whom dignity scalds, loyalty offends and give a damn about conscience. Those of us whom the word humanity creates ulcers, and respect for the other bothers us and infuriates us.

We are a rotten species that even birds of prey do not want to eat. We devour ourselves, anxious, urgent, with barely contained avarice; with evil in the lips and the look. With poisoned darts in the hands. And we all, that is, relatives, friends, acquaintances charge all at once against the most exploited of the system.

When will we show respect for each and every one of the species on the planet? When are we going to fight to save the rivers, lakes and seas? For the fauna and flora? For the smile of the marginalized children? For the shattered hope of grandparents who die in the oblivion of society? When will we forsake greed for conscience? Opportunism for sharing? Indifference for solidarity? Exclusion for inclusion? Rights for all without distinction? When are we going to fight for the freedom of peoples? When, when will we be human? It’s long overdue.

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Ilka Oliva Corado @ilkaolivacorado

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