Does Latin American Progressivism Agonize?

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Translated by Marvin Najarro

It is a frequent question that is repeated over and over again by corporate media, as part of the media manipulation with which the amorphous masses are anesthetized. Fallacies which at the present time are the armed wing of post dictatorship driven neoliberalism, as a modality of old-fashioned capitalism. At the head a fraudulent journalism, of those who sell themselves out with the urgency to lie. They are seconded by those who with their silence conceal, from the comfort of embezzlement, the benefit of abuse, classism, racism and exclusion.

With the amount of treacherous blows it has received this past year, progressivism should be erased from the map, but it is just like the disappeared of dictatorships, and the martyrs of Latin American history: Historical Memory, loyalty, consciousness and resistance. It is like the Native Peoples: immortality.

Cristina should be on some paradise island spending the millions they say she stole, or teaching at a university in the United States, like many former presidents who kneel before the capital. Dilma and Lula, both thieves according to media disinformation, should be comfortably enjoying the fruit of their betrayal. Cuba, after Fidel should be surrendering to the American jaws, and begging forgiveness for the insolence of having dared…. But there is no Cuba after Fidel, Cuba is Fidel.
Venezuela, with the endless soft blows that endures almost every day, should be finished off, with Maduro in Guantanamo accused as terrorist and dictator, or assassinated in some of those summary trials instigated by the United States, as it happened to Gaddafi (history must not forget!), and the ultra-right in charge of the country and the multimillion looting.
Evo, who has honored the marginalized Bolivia, should be an “Indian with a cut foot”, a political prisoner in his own country, for the temerity of having stood up and raise his voice for his people, for the millenary humiliated and exploited Bolivian people. By the decency of having named and make visible those who the colonized minds despise.
Correa, who has given Ecuador what no president in its history, has been terribly defamed inside and outside his country. And if we talk about soft blows, he like all progressive presidents has had to endure them as well.
There are many, many reasons why progressivism in the Great Homeland should be dead. But what’s happening that it doesn’t succumb? Why does it have resisted so much? Because it is the product of humanity, solidarity and social commitment to the peoples of Latin America and the world. It is born out of the Latin American identity of the Native Peoples.
Progressivism was born with Chavez, Lula and Nestor, on November 5, at the IV Summit of the Americas when they told not to the FTAA, not to the interference of the United States.
It comes as offspring of the martyrs, of the disappeared, of the outcasts who throughout the history of time have been humiliated, exploited and beaten by the system, injustice and impunity.
Progressivism comes with the Niño Arañero, the great dreamer of beautiful Venezuela and of South America. Non other than the propeller of the Chavista Revolution. It comes with the brother embrace between Cuba and the rest of the Great Homeland: when Chavez and Fidel created, The Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America. When both the Cuban Revolution and the Bolivarian Revolution embrace each other.
Quite the contrary to the media misinformation and the constant attacks of the OAS, and the traitorous blow of Mercosur, now with Temer and Macri, who want to get Venezuela out to destabilize the country and progressivism -this continues its resistance. We see Cristina, Dilma and Lula in Argentina and Brazil, out in the streets, as people, among the people and with the people. We see Maduro, Evo and Correa doing their job in their countries and strengthening the integration and stabilization of millenarian Latin America.
Media bias is powerful and capitalism is genocidal, they will not let up on interference and manipulation, they will not stop attacking with the fury of the imperial eagle, because Latin America despite the invasion, genocides and millenary looting, is still, The Great Homeland that resists with the unshakeable identity of the Native Peoples.
Does Latin American Progressivism Agonize? No, it is more alive than ever, and resists with honor, consciousness, humanity and love.
With loyalty, and Historical Memory.

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Ilka Oliva Corado @ilkaolivacorado

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