For us the undocumented time has come (2)

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Translated by Marvin Najarro

In the first part of this article I tried to point out the reasons for the Latin Americans forced migrations to the United States, in which free trade agreements and the constant reimplementations of the Condor Plan with its regional agendas have much to do. But what happens to the migrants who manage to cross the borders of death and arrive in this country, what awaits them?

The treatment the system accords them does not differ that much from what they got from their country of origin which, as a result, forced them to migrate -the pariah is pariah everywhere, without distinction.

There is no difference between Obama and Trump. Hillary Clinton was to be the continuation of Obama’s policies. In regards to undocumented immigrants, Democrats have deported more than the Republicans. Obama has been the one who has deported the most in the history of the country; indeed, the good Obama has been a shame and a huge disappointment for the Afro-descendant community in the United States and the world.

Here and now, in real time, the president is Trump who with his pronouncements and racist comments, when he was the presidential candidate, terrorized the undocumented community. Trump in a few months, and by repeating the same xenophobic, homophobic, misogynist and patriarchal speech, succeeded in laying us bare as humanity, and in the United States properly he showed us how divided we the minorities are.

He placed on the table each of our fears and egos, our arrogance and our fragmentation. Because you should know that the LGBTI community has never spoken out for the undocumented, neither have the Muslims, nor the Afro community, much less the poor gringos. By the same token the undocumented for the LGBTI, for the Muslims or the Afros. And so on, vice versa in everything. United? We’ve never been.

Will Trump unite us? Will the terror shake us up and make us to react? Yes we can? That remains to be seen. Although I don’t really believe it, we’ve had many opportunities to see beyond the end of our noses and haven’t been able or had the desire to do so. But our turn has come, the minorities have seen themselves exposed individually and it is necessary that they defend themselves, and hopefully they will have the ability to do it together, by sheer human love and the decency to want the other also have the same rights.

So far, the leadership who organized the massive marches for the immigrant rights ten years ago has not spoken out, they did it by supporting Hillary Clinton, but in the aftermath of Trump’s earthquake they have fallen silent, and have vanished from the public scene. Is it because they lost the jobs offered by the candidate? If at any time the Trump administration decided to eliminate DACA and with this to make the “Dreamers” undocumented again, they would learn an enormous lesson: of humanity, consciousness, struggle, integrity and, above all, solidarity.

With this lesson, they should learn that struggles are carry out for all and not for a few. They should know that integrity can not be bought or sold. That the Immigration Reform was an all or nothing, and not the crumbs for which they sold themselves out. They should know that DAPA was not only for their parents, but also for the millions who have their children in their countries of origin, and are here breaking their back working for alms that do not reach the minimum wage. They should know it, of course. They should learn, and with pain.

Of those “leaders of the immigrants” who made history 10 years ago, many are now performing as consuls in their countries of origin, and also in government positions in the Obama administration, is it possible that now that they are out of work they will again go on hunger strike in front of the White House demanding the Immigration Reform? Or will they put themselves at Trump’s feet.

They say we are 10 million undocumented. Now, we have already been deceived: journalists, religious people, artists, politicians, human rights defenders, migrant advocates, and everyone managed to turn things to their own advantage. It is time for those millions to make themselves felt and to be seen. The time has come, we must raise our voice, and we must demand an Integral Immigration Reform.

This is no time to be afraid, to hide even more in the depths of the shadows. It is the time, indeed, to fight for labor benefits, the work permit, access to the health system and education. It is the time to demand human treatment.

Will we have the guts to do it? Because it was about time …

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Ilka Oliva Corado @ilkaolivacorado

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