Fidel and the offsprings of the Revolution 

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Translated by Marvin Najarro

In this article I will refer to the children of the Cuban Revolution. To the childhood and youth that were born in a sovereign Cuba, that have enjoyed the benefits of the Revolution.

It is impossible not to express admiration before so many expressions of the people’s love for Fidel; in any street, square, corner, there were the Cubans bidding farewell to him, for a while, because his ashes will go to rest in a graveyard, but his ideals will remain in the deep and sincere eyes of the kids who raised their faces and with excitement shouted out, I am Fidel!

No, it wasn’t a programmed catchphrase, they were not trained to say that, it was not a suggestion to show off before the international press, no, it was a natural expression, out of their innermost soul.

What does the childhood and youth say about Fidel? We could see it in any young man who was suddenly interviewed, just like that, taken at random among the crowd. Among the many who with unbroken creativity demonstrated to the world how much Fidel has given them. That is speaking expressly of the media, but we can also feel it in their athletes, artists, chemists, intellectuals, doctors and politicians. In every Cuban of any age and town.

With sincere tears, with barely contained pain, with the dignity of having had on its own soil a superb world leader. A Fidel politician, human, brother, a sportsman, learned, peasant, a natural speaker but above all a harvester of utopias. To the inspiration of the magical realism that turned into reality the chimeras of a young revolutionary who dreamed of the freedom of his people.

And the Cuban children and the youth crowded the roads, with their energy, with their freshness, with all the juice of the age. Together with their elders, those who had to work hard, who had to break their back, those who had to face the crisis when the blockade was imposed, to see their children and their grandchildren live in a free country.

But the milestone was set by the Cuban women who participated in the Tribute to Fidel in Santiago de Cuba:  the Secretary General of Cuban Women, Teresa Amarellé Boué; the first Secretary of the Union of Young Communists, Susely Morfa Gonzales; but it was when Jennifer Bello Martinez took the floor that Santiago and the whole of Cuba got really excited. Jennifer is President of the University Student Federation.

It was an impressive speech, I never saw anything similar in all Latin America, I never saw a student to express herself in such a way about a political leader like Fidel, as Jennifer did, and she was there representing the university students of Cuba who cheered and seconded each one of her words. She spoke on behalf of the youth to which Fidel opened the horizons of freedom and development.

I have nothing more to add, Fidel became word and action in the childhood and youth who will continue to support and defend the Cuban Revolution, as life itself is defended. Because Fidel is the stump, the vine and the grapevine, and will continue to be for ever and ever, for the Cubans and the peoples of the world.

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Ilka Oliva Corado @ilkaolivacorado

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