Hillary Clinton and Trump: the same thing


Translated by Marvin Najarro

There isn’t much where to choose from, on the one hand the Democrats with their double standards and on the other the Republicans with their fervor for fascism and the Ku Klux Klan. Americans will be forced to vote for either of the two catastrophic candidates for both domestic and foreign policy. Hillary Clinton is a step ahead when she addresses the issue of sexism and women’s rights; and that’s when the Caucasian and bourgeois feminism lights up and cheers, also a few liberals who see her as irreverent to the patriarchal pattern.

But Clinton speaks of the rights of white bourgeois women, not poor whites, or Afro-descendants much less of undocumented Latino women; there is bias in her double standard speech and everybody knows it but it is conveniently ignored.
Meanwhile Trump undeterred shows how misogynist he is and what it will represent for American women to have a president like him, akin to what it represents for the African descendant community to have a president like Obama. The alpha males are happy for they feel well represented by Trump, it won’t surprise to imagine from now on the number of crimes and abuses -sexual violence and femicides- that might be committed by them, and go free without charge; as it happens to white cops, when they kill a black person.
It neither will be a surprise that under a Clinton presidency, undocumented women victims of crimes and violent acts would continue to be denied the U Visa, and they may be deported immediately under fabricated charges. The fact that Clinton is a woman and define herself as a feminist doesn’t mean anything, not for justice and gender equality, much less for social inclusion policies.
Also deplorable is that both candidates support the US invasion of Syria and that both of them bet to continue bombarding the region without an iota of humanism. They speak clearly and raise the tone arrogant, egocentric and with the sense of superiority of the American political class which believe it owns the world. They make it clear, the invasion in Syria will continue either under Trump or Clinton.
With airs of a superior intelligence Clinton speaks of humanism when referring to the violence suffered by the Afro-descendant community at the hands of police, but this is nothing new, with the same glibness Obama used to do it, and the results are visible. Nobody denies Clinton’s oratorical skills or her cultivated intelligence, nor it is an achievement (despite everything) that a woman is about to be the first US president, but that is another landscape, and has nothing to do with what she projects as future president. Crafty, intrusive and interventionist this woman has no qualms to incite an armed invasion against Venezuela, and continue the blockade against Cuba, and only god knows how many more countries in the region of Syria, Iraq and Libya on the pretext that the Islamic State has expanded its tentacles.
If we are surprised about Clinton and Trump, we should be surprised even more by his followers among who we find Latinos, Afro-descendants, Europeans and Asians who will vote with joy by the next interventionist in chief that will govern the United States.
The issue of immigration policy was largely absent in the presidential debate on Monday, September 26, which shows the level of importance the human rights of undocumented workers in the United States have, both for the system and society . The immigrants are useful as the wild card of choice for the presidential campaigns, with some in favor and others against immigration policy that could bring out of the shadows millions of undocumented immigrants. It is a thorny issue for the double standard of the candidates. It’s an issue that perhaps will come to the fore in the next debate, when the elections are just around the corner and the candidates need to convince some undecided.
The truth is that the United States will have its first woman president, because it is a fact that Hillary Clinton will win the election for many reasons: many will vote for her just because they don’t want to vote for Trump, not because she represents them. But millions also will vote for her because they want a woman as president. Many in the Latino community will vote for her not because she offers an opportunity to legalization for the undocumented, they will vote for her for supporting the coup in Brazil, by her desire to invade Venezuela, and her obstinacy and inhumanity for continuing the blockade against Cuba. Reasons abound, but none of them is because she represents a change for the better of the country, is only the continuity of Obama’s policy, which by the way, was an embarrassment to the African descendant community who supported him. We’ll see what those humanists and liberal feminists will say; when they realize that the Clinton’s promises were also empty of equality and inclusion.

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Ilka Oliva Corado. @ilkaolivacorado contacto@cronicasdeunainquilina.wordpress.com

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