The affront of Peña Nieto to Mexico and Latin America

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Translated by Marvin Najarro

When the Republican candidate for the presidency of the United States, Donald Trump referred to Mexico with insults, the first to speak out against was the president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, “I as president of Venezuela of Bolívar and Chávez, I raise my voice in defense of the people of Mexico, offended by this tycoon. What an outrage. Whoever messes with Mexico messes with Venezuela. I totally reject the statements of this bandit and thief. “

At no time Peña Nieto, as well as the presidents of the Central America Northern Triangle, said anything. Even if it was to them that concerned the most, but not; it was Maduro, from the south of the continent. None of them ever uttered a word when Obama signed the Executive Action against Venezuela, or when Bill Clinton and Biden urged for a US military invasion on the Venezuelan country. I say it so to underscore the difference between boiling red blood and the thin corn water (chilate) that pigs drink.

When Trump said Mexicans, he referred to all Latin America. The insult and slander were for all Latinos who live and work in this country, with and without documents. For that reason Maduro who perfectly understands the concept of Patria Grande, of brotherhood and solidarity immediately took a stand against it. Nobody else did it, not even the Dominican Republic with its many thousands undocumented Dominicans living in New York, nor Guatemala, or El Salvador, let alone Honduras; countries who are like Mexico: the cheapest and most exploited workforce that exists in the United States. Neither Colombia, with many of its citizens living in Miami, did anything. It was Maduro, on behalf of the dignity of the Mexican people and of all Latin America. Will it be because Maduro and the few progressive governments were not placed in their posts by the US embassies in the region?
It is not a surprise that Peña Nieto remained aloof, and not because he didn’t want anything to do with it, but because his cowardice and willingness. Nor is it surprising that on Wednesday, August 31, while 61 corrupt bandits were voting to remove Dilma as Brazilian President, Peña Nieto welcomed Trump in Los Pinos, and not only that, but also the fact that he appeared submissive and pusillanimous before a catastrophic character as the Republican candidate.
Not so different from Obama who with his double standards and skillful oratory will leave the presidency with three Coups in Latin America, the militarization of Mexico and the Northern Triangle of Central America, and his hands stained with the blood of thousands of immigrants killed, tortured or disappeared as a result of his policies -and the deportation of thousands of immigrants, just to mention something.
Peña Nieto shouldn’t have met Trump, much less at the invitation of the Mexican government. This action not only humiliates the Mexican people, but shows with clarity the diffidence and lowness of a figure who works obediently under the orders of corporate business and the United States.
And why Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras remain silent?
Because when talking about forced immigration, with the approval of the Southern Border Plan and Maya-Chortí proposed by the United States, they accepted to militarize the region. The fact that Trump now talks about a wall, is water under the bridge. Don’t come telling us they have reinvented the wheel; the wall is already there, ranging from Honduras to the Rio Grande, militarized by the US with the help of Obama. And the thousands undocumented immigrants are paying for it with their lives.
Because as a result of the Southern Border Plan and Maya-Chorti, thousands of undocumented immigrants in transit have disappeared, which has become a kind of social cleansing that goes from Honduras to Mexico, under the pretext of combating trafficking in weapons, undocumented and drugs. On the border between Mexico and the United States this slaughter is conducted by the Border Patrol. What’s happening with the immigrants traveling to the United States is genocide, plain and simple.
Because they agreed to set in motion the Alliance for Prosperity Plan, and the United States has promised $1, 250 million to Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. Not to mention the Merida Plan or Plan Mexico.
In the face of insults and farce, it is too much to ask Peña Nieto for integrity and moral support to his people, especially when we witness what he has done following the footsteps of his predecessors; it is the continuity of the government of Felipe Calderon who initiated a so called war against drug trafficking, backed by the United States, which has only served to repress the Mexican people and so endorse every torture, every murder and every disappearance. There have been thousands of girls, adolescents and women raped by the police and the military, under the pretext that they work for drug cartels or human trafficking.
We see how he has transformed Mexico into a huge pit, rivers of blood everywhere, forced disappearances, massacres, torture and the latent genocide that takes hundreds of lives daily. Asking Peña Nieto to take a stand in defense of his people is like asking for his resignation. What does the OAS say about the human rights in Mexico? What does the US say about it? They say nothing because one does and the other turn a blind eye.
Peña Nieto lacks the moral to defend his people from foreigners’ accusations, because he himself is a pawn of US interference in the country; he is at the service of the United States, the Mexican oligarchy, and transnational corporations. If we talk about ecocide, mining, land theft, the death, disappearances, and torture of environmentalists and human rights defenders; the Mexican government has a long outstanding account with justice. And don’t even touch on the issue of the sexual abuse of children, adolescents and women, and also the question of femicides.
The Peña Nieto’s affront to Mexico and Latin America doesn’t need much of an explanation, inviting and greeting Trump in Mexican soil, serving with this as a carpet, organizing a formal ceremony for his presidential race, is common between people of the same ilk.
But don’t be too distracted on the issue of Trump and Peña Nieto, because the visit was strategic, what’s really worrying is the government fourth report and the farce detailed in it. The Mexican people cry out for justice. How many people were tortured, killed and disappeared during that visit? How many girls, children, adolescents and women were raped? How many femicides? How many migrated to the United States, forcibly, moving through the borders of death? How many died in the misery of extreme poverty and famine? And today, at this moment, what is happening in Mexico of which the monopolized media do not speak? Remaining silent about the genocide being experienced by the Mexican people at the hands of the government of Peña Nieto is inhuman, it makes us all accomplices.
The affront of Peña Nieto isn’t to have welcomed Trump on Mexican soil; it is to govern for the United States and national and international oligarchs, sacrificing his own people in exchange for some paltry and misguided self-interest. It’s a despicable act. It’s an affront to Mexico, Latin America and humanity.

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Ilka Oliva Corado. @ilkaolivacorado

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